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Pupil Parliament

It is very important to us that all Manor children have a voice and a say in what happens at Manor. With this in mind, we decided to form a Pupil Parliament. After learning all about democracy and listening to the compelling manifestos put forward by the candidates, children from year one to year six voted for representatives for our four different committees – the ‘Eco Committee’, the ‘Health and Well-Being committee’, the ‘Curriculum Committee’ and the ‘Make a Difference committee’. We all thoroughly enjoyed going to the polling station, casting our votes in the voting booths and putting our ballot paper in the ballot box. The voting was very close indeed and we were very proud of all of the candidates who put themselves forward.

We have elected forty-one MPs - this includes two chairpersons, one minute/note-taker and one treasurer. Manor MPs have already started collating ideas from members of their class, having a say in issues that are important to Manor children and being involved in decisions and projects relating to our environment, our curriculum, our fundraising and our health and well-being.